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CREW CUT | Feature Film

CREW CUT | Feature Film



Cal, a low-level crook trying to go straight, takes the boss’s son, as his replacement, on one last job to collect four cases of cash. When what should be a routine job goes awry, Cal finds himself alone and left for dead in the middle of the Australian outback.Filmed in the heart of the beautifully haunting Flinders Ranges region in South Australia (the setting of recent films like Wolf Creek and The RoverCrew Cut is the debut feature film from the team at CINEMÂCHÉ.

WINNER: South Australian Screen Awards 2016 - Best Emerging Filmmaker


Production Company: CINEMÂCHÉ

Producers: Marcus McKenzie, Annalisa Francesca, Daniel Principe & Vivyan Madigan

Director: Marcus McKenzie

DOP: Vivyan Madigan

Editor: Daniel Principe

Cast: Nic English, Doug Mowbray, Rick Mills, Les Window, Roger Newcombe, Benita Grimaldi